About the Artist

Marlene Starrett was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. She has studied and exhibited at the SF Art Institute and Indian Valley College. Marlene has traveled extensively and captured the images of her travels in multiple mediums. Such as Serigraph, Watercolor,Photography, Pastels and digital images. She produced "Sacred Journey 2003~~2006" in 2007 and “Peaceful Moving Picture” in 2008. Marlene completed  “Freedoms Journey” which she created in collaboration with George Sumner and features the the music of Garth Webber in 2009. Marlene has recently completed "Sacred Desert Dreams" again in collaboration with and music by emerging percussionist this time with Native American symbols integrated into mandalas and illuminated then animated to music. Inspired by the nations largest natural oasis located in the coachella valley.                                    
Currently Marlene is addressing environmental issues and  introducing LED Lighting to Marin County for a savings of 70% to 80% Energy Cost Saving!
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